About us

RealTech Controls is an automation technology powered solutions provider. We manufacture customized systems, as well as distribute quality brands, and are able to provide complete solutions and support for industrial automation in the process control industry.

We specialize in wireless transmitters, signal conditioning and converters, water analyzers, chemical dosing pumps, communication interface routers, data loggers, and control panel LED lighting.

Based in Los Angeles California, we offer complimentary, professional advice and consultation with over 25 years of Industry experience, to provide unrivaled customer service, and satisfaction. Our main industries are water and waste water, utility companies, oil and gas, power, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cement, and process automation.

RealTech Controls has business certifications for Los Angeles, California for SLB #4030 and SB #2006591.

Exclusive brands:

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  • Water treatment analyzers
  • Water sensors
  • Chemical dosing pumps
  • Flow cells and probe holders
  • Industrial wireless transmitters
  • Explosion-proof systems
  • Analog, Digital and Modbus signals
  • Industrial wireless controls systems
  • Customized signal conditioning packages
  • LED Control panel lighting