PR-4510 Display Programmer


* PR Electronics Series 4000 or 9000 transmitter required *

This product supersedes the PR-4501

  • Modification of operational parameters on system 4000 and 9000 series devices
  • Calibration, scaling, and simulation (manual over-ride) features
  • Fixed display shows input, output, alarms, and process status
  • Password protection
  • Scrolling help text in 7 languages
  • Detachable – clips on to the front of the device mounted in the process

PR-4510 Data Sheet
PR-4116 Instruction Manual

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The PR-4510 Display programmer is a communications interface used to program or modify parameters in system 4000 and 9000 series signal conditioning devices. It is detachable, and the operation of the base transmitter is independent of the PR-4510 programmer, so it is not necessary to keep the programmer attached if you do not wish to see the display variables. Configurations can be saved, and then downloaded to devices of the same type. The advanced menu features include simulation (manual over-ride) of input and output signals, calibration, and saving / downloading the configuration.

The LCD display has 4 lines featuring scrolling help text in 7 languages which guides the user effortlessly through all the configuration steps. Programming access can also be blocked by assigning a password. The password is saved in the device in order to ensure a high degree of protection against unauthorized modifications to the configuration.

** Please note this product supersedes the PR-4501 **
Recommended transmitter: PR-4116

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