EMEC LDPHRH pH & ORP Controller


EMEC LDPHRH pH and ORP Analyzer and Controller

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  • User Friendly Encoder wheel menu, with back-lit LCD Display
  • LCD displays show measured pH and ORP (mV)
  • Programmable for dosing acid and/or base, and Chlorine
  • Proportional or On/Off Control for pH and ORP
  • BNC Connectors for pH and ORP sensors
  • Outputs: 1 x pH 240Vac Relay, 2 x pH Pulse, 1 x ORP 240Vac Relay, 1 x ORP Pulse, 3 x mA for pH, ORP & Temp
  • Tanks level inputs: 2 x pH, 1 x ORP
  • Other I/O: 1 x Standby I/P, 1 x 110Vac Alarm Relay O/P, 1 x RS485 O/P
  • Manual/Automatic Temperature Compensation (for pH only)
  • Max dosing alarms

EMEC LD Series Dual Channel Controller Data Sheet

EMEC LDPHRH Instruction Manual

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The EMEC Model LDPHRH Controller offers dual control of both pH and ORP measurements. Accommodating most industrial pH and ORP sensors, this versatile, easy to use controller can be used for most industrial water treatment applications. The EMEC LDPHRH has a user-friendly interface which limits the need for reading detail in the instruction manuals, and if you are familiar with programming other brands of controllers, you will find this to be the cutting edge, and easiest of set-ups.

A pH sensor is required with a BNC connection, our recommendation: EAH OPCF81

An ORP sensor is required with a BNC connection, our recommendation: EAH OPCF82

Visit our website for more information: Dual Channel pH / ORP Controllers

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