EAH OCPF81 pH Sensor


Industrial, High Performance pH Sensor
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  • Industrial, rugged pH probe, with waterproof cable connector
  • Measures 0-14pH, 0 to 110 °C (32 to 230 °F)
  • Head options for concave, flat, or protective guard
  • Select option for internal PT100 RTD (3-wire) for temperature reading
  • Cast-In-Place solid reference electrolyte helps maintain a constant reference cell potential
  • Porous Teflon liquid junction resists fouling & chemical attacks
  • Internal plunger permits 360 degree mounting
  • Double junction reference cell increases service life in some applications
  • Threaded 3/4 inch NPT on both ends for easy installation
  • High temperature versions, and PT100 sensor output available upon request

EAH OCPF81 Data Sheet

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The Endress & Hauser EAH OCPF81 Industrial, rugged, high-performance pH sensors have a built-in internal plunger, permitting 360-degree mounting orientation. Concave and flat membrane head designs are available for bulb protection and are manufactured with a cast-in-place solid reference electrolyte to maintain a constant reference cell potential.
The EAH OCPF81 consists of a porous Teflon liquid junction that resists fouling & chemical attacks and consists of a double junction reference cell for increased service life. Threaded 3/4 inch NPT ends, or smooth surface probes as well as options for submersible probe holders, cables, and wiring terminations. Optional high-temperature versions, and PT100 temperature output are also available.

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