EAH OCPF81/82 Sensor Cables


Waterproof Cable for PH & ORP Sensors

  • Suits EAH OCPF81 pH, and EAH OCPF82 ORP sensors
  • Select lengths of 6ft (1.8 meters), 15ft (4.5 meters), or 32ft (10 meters)
  • Optional 3-wire PT100 RTD cables to suit sensors with internal PT100 sensors
  • Waterproof coaxial cable with TOP68 (NEMA 6) sensor connector
  • Rugged PVC construction
  • 2 core BNC & shield for instrument connection
  • Temperature rating of max. 80°C (176 °F).
  • Recommended for all EMEC pH and ORP controllers / analyzers
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EAH OCPF81/82 Sensor Cables are manufactured with a TOP68 (NEMA 6) waterproof connector to be connected to the OCPF81, OCFP82, or any other pH or ORP sensors that have a TOP68 connector. They incorporate a 2 core BNC connector with an additional shield cable, ideal for the EMEC range of controllers and instruments. The cable is made from robust, hard-wearing PVC, with a temperature rating of 80°C (176 °F).

EAH OCPF81/82 Sensor Cables are available with an option to incorporate 3 x RTD temperature sensor wires for sensors that include an internal PT100 RTD for temperature measurement. The 3-wire cable terminations are soldered at the ends for easy installation into terminal blocks for transmitters and controllers

Recommended pH sensor: EAH OCPF81

Recommended ORP sensor: EAH OCPF82

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Additional information

Cable length (in feet)

6, 15, 32

Add PT100 3-wire cables

No, Yes

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