EMEC PEF1ER Flow Cell for SCL Sensors

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* EMEC LDSCL PLUS Controller and SCL Series Amperometric Sensor required *

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  • PMMA Acrylic, See-Through Material
  • Includes EMEC SEPR Flow sensor – Flow Indication via a Red LED
  • Includes Pressure and Flow Regulator, and Flow Adjustment Knob
  • De-bubbler vent to reduce / remove bubbles from membrane surfaces
  • 72 PSI at 122°F (5 Bar at 50°C)
  • Higher Temperature Versions available for 176°F (80°C)
  • 6ft Tubing included

EMEC PEF Series Data Sheet
EMEC PEF1 Instruction Manual

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The EMEC PEF1ER flow cell accommodates EMEC SCL Series closed Amperometric sensors for Chlorine, Ozone, Bromine etc. It can also accomodate a PT100 temperature sensor for temperature compensation, or simply to display the temperature on any EMEC LDS PLUS series controller / analyzer. The PMMA Material is chemical resistant and see-through, facilitating ease of maintenance, and trouble shooting. The EMEC PEF1ER flow cell comes standard with a flow sensor, which illuminates when the flow is approximately 0.25GPM or 1 LPM. Also included are a pressure regulator, and flow regulator to manually set the amount of flow, as well as a built-in sample point for ease of taking water samples for 3rd party meters for calibration purposes. A de-bubbler vent (included) is installed at the top to reduce bubbles forming on the surface of the sensors.

Please visit our website page for more information: EMEC Flow Cells

Recommended Water Analyzer / Controller: EMEC LDSCL PLUS

Recommended Sensors: EMEC Chlorine Sensors

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