EMEC LDSCL PLUS Chlorine Controller


EMEC LDS PLUS Series Chlorine Analyzer and Controller

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  • PID Chlorine / Chlorine Dioxide Controller
  • User Friendly Encoder wheel menu, with back-lit LCD Display
  • Control Outputs for PID 4-20mA, 2 x Pulse, & 2 x Relay
  • 4-20mA Outputs for PPM, and Temperature
  • Alarm & Probe Cleaning relays
  • Communication via Ermes Webserver or modbus
  • Optional mA or pulse water meter inputs for Feed-forward control
  • Optional Communication interfaces for Ethernet, GSM, or Modbus
  • Optional Communication interface provides Ermes Web-server access for on-line monitoring and data-logging
  • Use with EMEC Series PEF Flow Cell, and SCL Amperometric Chlorine or Chlorine Dioxide Sensor
  • 110Vac Supply

EMEC LDS PLUS Series Data Sheet
EMEC LDSCL PLUS Instruction Manual

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The EMEC LDSCL PLUS Chlorine Controller / Analyzer offers cost-effective, user friendly control of Chlorine (free or total) for Industrial Water Treatment applications. This controller automatically detects the range, and type of sensor connected to it, and can also be used for Chlorine Dioxide, Bromine, and Ozone.

The user-friendly interface of the EMEC LDSCL PLUS provides for ease of use and menu navigation, and if you are familiar with programming other brands of controllers, you will find this to be the cutting edge, and easiest of set-ups.

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