WRX-A750-EXPL Explosion Proof Receiver


Explosion Proof Wireless Receiver Package
* WTX Matched Transmitter required *

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  • Explosion proof enclosure rated for Class 1, Div 1
  • Patented hazardous rated antenna
  • 1 x mA (incl. loop power) output
  • 2 x Digital relay outputs (SPDT)
  • RF Signal loss LED and relay output for loss of signal
  • Transmission distance: 3 miles line of site, or 1 mile with some objects in the way (contact us for application)
  • On-board programming via push buttons and DIP switches, no software required
  • Simple, Clean Plug & Play Design, Easy to Use
  • Power Supply: 12-24Vdc
  • DIN Rail mount
  • Operating Temperature of -40 to +85 Deg C (-40 to 185 Deg F)
  • Optional External-Mount Antennas, and Cables
  • Customized Systems with Expansion I/O available

WTX / WRX Brochure
WRX-A750-EXPL Data Sheet
WTX-A753 / WRX-A750 Specifications
WRX-A750 Instruction Manual

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The WRX-A750-EXPL Explosion Proof Receiver Package can be used in Class 1, Div 1 applications. With a patented hazardous rated antenna, it is ideal for hazardous environments rated Class 1, Div 1.

Outputs for 1 x Analog 4-20mA signal, and 2 x Digital On/Off (SPDT) relay signals.

Using the 900Mhz, spread spectrum license free band, it is a simple, cost effective, easy to use, plug and play system, ideal for the transmission of industrial signals. The WRX-A750-EXPL Explosion Proof Receiver can be customized for additional I/O, please contact us for your application.

* WTX-A753-EXPL Explosion Proof transmitter system, or WTX-A753 radio transmitter required for matched pair *

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