WRX-A750-MOD Modbus Transceiver


Analynk Wireless Transceiver Radio
* 2 Units required for a matched pair *

  • Input: RS232/RS485 Modbus RTU, Modbus can be 2-wire or 4 wire
  • Output: RS232/RS485 Modbus RTU, with one RF signal loss link alarm relay (SPDT)
  • On-board RSSI (Received signal strength indication)
  • Transmission distance: 3 miles line of site, or 1 mile with some objects in the way (contact us for application)
  • Optional 21 miles line of site, or 1 mile with some objects in the way (contact us for application)
  • On-board programming via push buttons and DIP switches, no software requried
  • Simple, Clean Plug & Play Design, Easy to Use
  • Power Supply: 12-24Vdc
  • DIN Rail mount
  • Operating Temperature of -40 to +85 Deg C (-40 to 185 Deg F)
  • Optional External-Mount Antennas, and Cables
  • Customized Systems with Expansion I/O available
  • 2.1dB Antenna included

WTX / WRX Brochure
WRX-A750-MOD Data Sheet
WRX-A750-MOD Instruction Manual

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The WRX-A750-MOD Modbus Transceivers are ideal Industrial Radios for wireless communication of serial modbus RTU data signals. Using these radios eliminates the need for distance wiring, conduits and digging cable trenches. Simple Analog and Digital communication is also available as an option, along with customized I/O for your specific application.

With RS232/485 input/output, the transceivers can communicate with the WTX and WRX series of radio’s, and can be used in a point-to-point or multi-point system. The RS232/485 input/output can communicate with PLCS, HMIs and SCADA systems using Modbus RTU. An alarm relay is used to alert the user to RF link communication or power failure errors.

Using the 900Mhz secure, spread spectrum license free band, it is a simple, cost effective, easy to use, plug and play system, ideal for the transmission of industrial signals. Please contact us for your application.

Two WRX-A750-MOD radio’s are required for a matched pair

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