PR-5714 Process Panel Meter


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  • Input: Universal RTD or Thermocouple, mA, Volt, Resistance, Potentiometer
  • 2-Wire Loop Supply is available for loop-powered transmitters
  • 4-Digit Display, Nema 4X
  • Panel Cut Out Size: 1/8 DIN (48mmx96mm)
  • Optional outputs for mA Re-transmission, and/or 2 x Alarm Control Relays
  • Power Supply: Universal 23-250AC, or 20-300VDC​
  • 2.3KV Galvanic 3-Way Isolation (Input, Output & Supply)
  • Model PR-5715 Available with 4 x Relay Outputs and/or mA Re-transmission

PR-5714 Data Sheet
PR-5714 Instruction Manual

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The PR Electronics model PR-5714 Process Panel Meter Display is an LED indicator offering flexibility with standard universal inputs, enabling a single unit to cover the majority of industrial applications. Multiple input features accommodate most industrial transmitter signals for temperature, pressure, level, flow, and other process signals. The user-friendly programmability with on-screen scrolling instructions limits the need for reading manuals and is warrantied for 5 years. Options for mA re-transmission and/or 2 x programmable relay alarm outputs are also available.

The 4 x LED digits are 13.8 mm high, with a display range readout from -1999 to  9999 with a programmable decimal point and relay ON / OFF indication. A standard 1/8 DIN cut-out is required for panel mounting the display.

For installation, the rubber backing must be mounted between the panel cutout hole and the display front to obtain a protection degree of IP65 (type 4X). For extra protection in extreme environments, please use the RTC Slash Proof Cover which is an accessory.

The PR-5714 Process Panel Meter Display is available with 3 x optional outputs which are:

  • PR-5714B for 2 x programmable relay / alarm outputs (SPDT)
  • PR-5714C for mA
  • PR-5714D for the 2 x relay, and mA outputs

Visit our website page for more information: PR-5714 Universal Panel Meter Displays

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Output Options:

None, mA, Relays, mA and Relays