PR-5725 Frequency Panel Meter


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  • Input: Contact, PNP,  NPN, TTL, Tacho, Namur, Custom Voltage or Current
  • 4-Digit Display, Nema 4X
  • Panel Cut Out Size: 1/8 DIN (48mmx96mm)
  • Optional outputs for mA Re-transmission, and/or 2 x Alarm Control Relays
  • Power Supply: Universal 23-250AC, or 20-300VDC​
  • 2.3KV Galvanic 3-Way Isolation (Input, Output & Supply)

PR-5725 Data Sheet
PR-5725 Instruction Manual

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The PR Electronics model PR-5725 Frequency Panel Meter Display is an LED indicator offering flexibility with standard universal inputs, enabling a single unit to cover the majority of industrial applications. Multiple input features accommodate most industrial transmitter signals for Dry Contact, PNP,  NPN, TTL, Tacho, Namur, and custom Voltage or Current ranges. The user-friendly programmability with on-screen scrolling instructions limits the need for reading manuals and is warrantied for 5 years. Options for mA re-transmission and/or 2 x programmable relay alarm outputs are also available.

The 4 x LED digits are 13.8 mm high, with a display range readout from -1999 to  9999 with a programmable decimal point and relay ON / OFF indication. A standard 1/8 DIN cut-out is required for panel mounting the display.

For installation, the rubber backing must be mounted between the panel cutout hole and the display front to obtain a protection degree of IP65 (type 4X). For extra protection in extreme environments, please use the RTC Slash Proof Cover which is an accessory.

The PR-5725 Frequency Panel Meter Display is available with and optional output for:

  • PR-5725D for 2 x relay dry contacts, and mA outputs

Visit our website page for more information: PR-5725 Universal Panel Meter Displays

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Output Options:

None, mA and Relays