EMEC SCL18 Self-Cleaning Free Chlorine Sensor


EMEC SCL18 Series Self-Cleaning Free Chlorine Sensor
* EMEC LDSCL PLUS Chlorine controller sold separately *

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  • Free (Available) Chlorine measurement for Sodium Hypochlorite
  • Dirty water applications
  • pH compensated with max 10% error per pH point
  • Max operating pH of 9
  • Temperature Compensated for 41-158°F Operation
  • 116 PSI Max Pressure
  • Digital interface to controller for auto sensor and range detection
  • Probes available for measuring ranges of 0-0.5ppm (SCL18/0.5), 0-2ppm (SCL18/2) or 0-20ppm (SCL18/20)
  • The SCL18/0.5 can also be used for Zero-Chlorine detection and measurement

EMEC SCL Series Data Sheet
EMEC SCL18 Instruction Manual

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The EMEC SCL18 Self-Cleaning Free Chlorine Sensor is a closed dual electrode sensor offering reliable, repeatable and accurate measurements of free inorganic Chlorine (Sodium Hypochlorite) for dirty water applications. Glass balls inside a sealed chamber abrade against the electrodes, removing any build up or debris that would normally accumulate on the electrodes. Various ranges are available.

With patented membrane and electronic technology, measurements are almost instantaneous with the controller updating the display every second.

Recommended Chlorine Controller: EMEC LDSCL PLUS

Visit our company website page for more information: Chlorine System

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0-0.5ppm, 0-2ppm, 0-20ppm

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